Ordering Information

At RGR, all orders must be placed using a purchase order. To prevent confusion, each individual order should have it's own purchase order. All orders must be in writing and faxed or mailed prior to delivery of garments to RGR. If you do not have purchase order forms for your business, we suggest you send your orders to us from this web page (see below). We will not take receipt of garments unless we have a purchase order.

To help you better understand how we complete your job, we will explain in this section the steps your purchase order takes at RGR from start to finish.  The better understanding of what information we need to complete your job, the more accurate and efficient the embroidery process becomes ensuring timely and accurate completion of your job.
We create a "Web Portal" for our customers free of charge to help you track your orders with RGR. We will outline our production steps below to help you understand how we produce your order. We suggest you download and read our Customer Service Information System booklet which goes into greater detail about the information you will receive from us during the order process.
Step 1: Receipt of Your Purchase Order
At RGR we understand that communication during every step of the production process is the key to great service. Therefore we strive to keep our customer informed at every key stage of the process. When we received your PO at RGR it is entered into our Embroidery Customer Service Information System (ECSIS) at which point a Purchase Order Verification is E-mailed to you letting you know that the PO was actually received in our office.  We request that all notifications are checked to ensure accuracy.
Your Purchase Order must contain the following information before the process can begin:
  1. Company Name
  2. Purchase Order Number
  3. Contact Name and Contact Number
  4. Product Description
  5. Item Quantity and Size
  6. Logo Description
  7. Logo Location
  8. Logo Colors
  9. Ship to Address
  10. Ship Method if different from UPS Ground
  11. Third Party Shipping Account (if applicable)
Change in Your Orders:
If for some reason there is a change to your original Purchase Order, we suggest you email us immediately noting the change and fax us a revised purchase order indicating the changes to be made. We will only accept changes to orders in writing either by fax or email.
Step 2: Receipt of Garments
The receiving of garments for your PO is the next step and an important one. You should have your garments shipped into RGR containing an Attention Line that reads, "Attn: Your Company PO#."  This is very important in order for us to match your goods with your PO. If your goods are delivered without referencing your Company name and  PO# we have no way to match the delivery to your order. This will cause a delay.
Once goods are received we check them against the information provided to us on your PO. If you provided no garment breakdown on your PO we check quantity only. The more information we have the better chance that we can verify that the vendor shipped the correct items for embroidery.  We then E-mail a notification to you stating that we received the items from your vendor and whether they were correct. If the items received were in fact correct, you will also be assigned a "Ship Date" on the notification.
Step 3: Production
After your goods are received and checked, logo information is established, we are ready to send your order into production.
If all order information is rec'd, your Garments Rec'd Verification will list a ship date for your order. If this date is not sufficient for your order to need to contact us immediately to discuss expedited options.
Step 4: Shipping  
After your order is sewn and finished it is prepared for shipping. We ship to US destinations only at this time, no international shipping is available. You will be emailed a shipping notification at the time of shipping, please verify all information is correct. Tracking information will also be provided in the emailed notice but tracking numbers may not be valid until UPS picks up the shipment. You may also access shipping and tracking info for the order via your RGR Web Portal.
Step 5: Invoicing
You will receive your order invoice via email at the time of shipping. A copy of the invoice can also be mailed to you if desired. You may also access invoices via you RGR Web Portal.