Discount Program Pricing

Question: Is it possible to get a discount off the Standard Pricing?

Answer: YES, it's called the RGR Frequent Embroidery Program!!!

What is it?
RGR Embroidery has the best service and the best quality in the business. We believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty and continued purchases. For this reason, all our customers are entered into our Frequent Embroidery Program (FEP). The great thing about our FEP is we do all the record keeping. All you have to do to get great savings is to keep on placing orders and convince your co-workers to place orders with us too.

Here is how it works. 
Your cumulative digitizing and sewing sales per company (personalization's, rush charges, handling, and shipping charges excluded) are calculated monthly for the previous 6 month period (Lookback Period). Based on the following benchmarks the corresponding discount will automatically be applied to your embroidery charges (LIMITED TO LAST COLUMN PRICING) on your invoices for the month.

All contract program priced garments will be included in your cumulative sales however they will not be discounted.

If your previous 6 month  cumulative sales equal:

Your Discount will be:


5% off monthly invoices for embroidery

$6,000 10% off monthly invoices for embroidery
$12,000 15% off monthly invoices for embroidery
$20,000 20% off monthly invoices for embroidery
The following minimums will apply:  Embroidery -Last column pricing.
Your percent reward level will be calculated on the first of each month. Your reward will be reflected on your invoices for all orders received as of the first of each month. The FEP Discount is determined at the time the order is received, not shipped.