Digitizing Process

The digitizing process for your order begins with artwork.  Before we begin digitizing your logo, we must have camera ready artwork to work with.  The better quality artwork provided to us for a job, the better quality the end product will be.  We can accept artwork in the following digital formats: jpeg, tif, eps, ai, bmp, pdf, gif.  We prefer your artwork to be in Adobe Illustrator CS2 or less in ai format or eps format. If you do not have a digital format of your artwork, we can accept a camera ready hardcopy.

Question: What if I don't have camera ready artwork???
Answer:  Our art Department can create artwork for you if you do not have artwork for your design.  We charge $50 per hour artwork charge for this service. 

Examples of GOOD artwork:   Below are examples of good, quality artwork for digitizing.

Uniusource Right.eps.jpg (14146 bytes)

aarons.jpg (36539 bytes) TWC PMS2935.jpg (14325 bytes) LOGO SITAEQUANT.jpg (11535 bytes)
Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.

Examples of POOR Artwork:   Below are examples of POOR art

unibad.jpg (20826 bytes) aaronsbad.jpg (12176 bytes) TWC bad.jpg (18725 bytes) LOGO SITAEbad.jpg (18891 bytes)

Click on thumbnail for a larger image to compare to the above "GOOD" artwork samples.

Sending Artwork to RGR:
If you send artwork in digital form to RGR attach the file to your email message, include sizing and any color information, reference your RGR PO number, and send to your Account Manager or to: artwork@rgrembroidery.com.
You may also send a hardcopy of camera ready art to RGR at the mailing address on the home page. Include the line "ATTN: Digitizing Dept."
Digitizing Quotes:
We can normally give an accurate quote from an emailed copy of artwork if we can distinguish the various parts of the logo to be quoted.  The more information we have regarding sizing and color information, the more accurately we can quote your job.  We strive to return quote requests within 24 hours of receiving the information.  NOTE: Quotes are just that...they are quotes and are not always exact.  Normally the finished logo falls within a 5%-10% stitch variance.  Different factors can affect the accuracy of the quote, especially the type of material the finished embroidery is being imprinted on.  It is important to keep this in mind when requesting a quote.

Logo Approvals:

After your logo has been digitized, you will receive via E-mail an approval form from us with a digital image print out of the digitized logo.  When you receive this E-mail, we have digitized the logo and sewn out a sample of the design. This E-mail is to let you know that your sew-out is ready and that you should come and take a look at it for your approval.  We can also send you the sew-out if you can't pick it up. Let us know at that time what you want us to do with the sew-out. After you have reviewed the sew-out and it is acceptable, sign the approval form and fax it back to us or simply reply to the E-mail with your noted approval.  We WILL NOT schedule your order for sewing production until we have an approval for the logo in writing.  DO NOT approve the design from the E-mail.....please pick up the sew-out for approval.  Do not sign the approval form until you are sure the logo is ready to be put into production.