Flat Rate Digitizing
New Logo Designs:

Superior embroidery begins with superior digitizing. RGR has earned the reputation as producing some of the finest digitizing in the Southeast. Having both digitizing & sewing under one roof improves the quality of the finished product by allowing for digitizing adjustments even during production. RGR, of course, welcomes our customers to use their favorite digitizers. However, RGR is not responsible for poor quality embroidery caused by poor quality digitizing by an outside source.

Question: How much will a digitized logo cost me?
Answer:  We have a new Flat Rate Digitizing program. All designs and edits less than 5.5 inches will be $50.00(A). All other designs $150.00(A).
Question: Do you accept designs from outside sources?
Answer:  We do accept outside source designs, however we require a sewout of the tape on our machines which will be charge at a rate of $12.00 minimum plus .50/1000 stitches over 10K.
Digitizing Cost Table


Rush Overnight
<5.5 Inches $50.00(A) $POR $POR
>5.5 Inches $150.00(A) $POR $POR
Turn around time 3-5 days 48 Hours 24 Hours
*Based on a 5 day work week
*Scheduling of digitizing is based on date of receipt of workable artwork.
*Digitizing includes one sew-out.  Additional sew-outs are $5.00 each.

Existing Logo Edits:
Edits on any logo are based upon time and difficulty of each job. There is a $25.00 minimum charge on each edit.  Simple edits charged at $25.00 include name edits, edits to taglines, color changes, etc.  More complex edits are billed at $35.00 minimum.  They can include: resizing, reconfiguring logo, adding more parts to the design, etc. 
Customers are entitled to one copy of their disk. Additional copies are available for
$20.00 per disk copy. E-mailed designs are available for $10.00 per copy.
Personals or name drops have become a common request at RGR. We offer standard size name drops (<2500 stitches) at the rate of $7.50(S) per name/per location, over 2500 stitches will be considered a large personal and is $10.00(F) per name/per location. This price includes the digitizing of the name and the sewing of the garment.  When ordering personals, please include what font style you want and whether you want upper/lower case names. Price may increase if the names are to be a larger size such as on a towel or a bag, etc.