Imprinting Finished Hats

Imprinting caps is a specialized embroidery process using a special type of frame.  At RGR we use the Tajima cap frames enabling us to embroider the front of the cap and both sides in one sewing, thus saving time and money in that only one digitized tape has to be used to embroider 270 degrees around the hat. The below picture shows the coverage area of our cap machines.

Coverage Area:

The 270 machine can embroider essentially the first 4 panels of a 6 panel cap in one embroidery tape. To embroider on the back of the cap is considered a second location because the hat must be taken off the machine and put on a different embroidery machine to imprint the back.


The main concern with cap embroidery is the height of the embroidered logo. For the best quality on hats, the max height should be 2.5 inches. In some special cases we can embroider more than 2.5 inches but you should consult an RGR representative first.  The width of the design is more flexible. Widths can be as much as 6 inches or more due to the versatility of the 270 cap machine.

Cap Backs:

Cap back embroidery has become very popular, especially in doing websites and company names.  The logo is normally embroidered in an arch around the back "ponytail" hole on the back of the cap as shown in the picture at right.  Cap backs are limited to 3.5 inches wide.  Height of the design is usually not an issue unless the design is tall and can interfere with the eyelets of the hat.  If you are unsure if your design will work, please contact RGR for clarification.  Note: Cap backs are a second location embroidery charge separate from the front embroidery.

Picture of a hat on the machine

Picture of a hooped hat