Imprinting Finished Bags

Bags have been given a section on this site because it can be difficult to determine if they are embroidery friendly, or not.  When ordering bags for embroidery, it is best to get a sample of the bag to us beforehand in order to determine if the bag can actually be embroidered.  In most cases, we can find a way to make the design work...but not in all cases.  The problem with bags is that most of the time they are designed to be embroidered before they are assembled at the factory.  If you are not sure, check with us before you place your order with the vendor to prevent problems.
Most bags can be embroidered if they have a front or side pocket that allows enough room for the hoop to go on without being obstructed by the zipper, and if the pocket has enough clearance to allow bobbin arm of the machine to move freely and embroider the design.

As shown in the above pictures, the bobbin arm must have clearance to move freely between the hooped portion of the bag and the main body of the bag.

There are many bag manufacturers in the marketplace today and each one makes bags different ways.  Not all can be embroidered after they are completely assembled by the factory.  Please check with your manufacturer and with us to determine if your bag can be successfully embroidered.  Different hoop sizes can be used to place a logo on a bag.  It all depends on logo size and bag location.  If your bag has a pocket area similar to the one pictured above, chances are you will have no problem. We have had instances in which bags were ordered and shipped to us that were not embroidery friendly and had to be shipped back to the factory.